Mk3/4, DZT and Bzzz! Fuzz Pedals

The Monsterpiece MK3/4, DZT and Bzzz! family of Fuzz all share similar circuitry that started with the classic Buzzaround (Bzzz!), then continued it’s evolution with the infamous Dizzy Tone (DZT), and then eventually settled into the 3 knob Tonebender MKIII and MKIV circuits between the mid 1960′s to early 1970′s.

These 3 gnarly Germanium 3 transistor fuzz pedals are my take on those classics.

The Monsterpiece MK3/4 is the epitome of the classic 3 knob volume/fuzz/tone Tonebender circuit. It is switchable between the MKIII and MKIV circuits via the toggle switch on top of the pedal. Controls are volume, tone, fuzz, and bias which allows for a wide range of classic 3 knob Tonebender sounds.   - 200

The Monsterpiece Bzzzz! is my take on the classic Burns Buzzaround with controls for Timbre, Balance, and Sustain (T/B/S). Very intense, yet musical fuzz tones lurk within!  - 200

The Monsterpiece DZT is my take on the classic Dizzy Tone fuzz pedal which is the very rude cousin of the Buzzaround. Controls on the DZT are Attack, Balance, and Sustain (A/B/S). Sounds and feels very similar to the Bzzz! (Buzzaround), but is a bit thicker and nastier overall. Fun stuff, indeed!  - 200


These 3 fuzz pedals can be powered either with a  9 volt battery, or a standard center negative barrel plug 9 volt dc adapter that is not powering any other pedals (no daisy chain powering!). The current draw is extremely low, so the battery will last a very long time. There is also a battery on/off mini-toggle switch standard.

The controls on both the Bzzz! & DZT are extremely interactive.

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