C.O.D. Overdriver

The Monsterpiece C.O.D. Overdriver is based on the color sounding overdriver (or power boost if you decide to run it at 18 volts) from vintage days gone by! The original had controls for drive, treble, and bass. With the Monsterpiece C.O.D. you get a volume control, too… what a concept ;0)

This is a circuit with an identity crisis. Is is a booster? Yep, sure is if you run the dirt down low and volume up high. Is it an overdrive? Well, yes, it does that, too, all be it a more gritty, primitive overdrive (this is NOT a toob screemer). Does it do fuzz? Absolutely! Massive glorious explosions of fuzz will ooze from your speakers when the dirt is cranked. The C.O.D. is also very dynamic and responsive to your guitar volume knob.

– 190 +shipping

Listen with headphones!

Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble.

The Gain control goes from no dirt at minimum setting, to massive fuzz at maximum setting.

The original vintage units did not have a volume control, therefore were at full volume at all times, so volume set at max would be the default “vintage” setting on the C.O.D., then adjust from there.

The Monsterpiece C.O.D. Overdriver can be powered by 9 volt battery, or with a standard center negative barrel plug 9 volt dc adapter. It can also be powered with an 18 volt adapter for more headroom like the old colorsound powerboost.

*** As of 10/14/2018 The battery on/off mini-toggle switch is no longer standard, but can still be requested as an option on new builds. Unplugging from the input jack disconnects the battery ***


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