RiTE-ON! Fuzz

The Monsterpiece RiTE-ON! Fuzz is my take on the classic 60s silicon transistor “fuzz-rite” circuit. This is one snarly beast of a fuzz pedal that nails “in-a-fuzza-davida” and “incense-y peppermints” sounds, plus a whole lot more. It is also deceptively dynamic. With the added “pre” control, you can add impedance to the circuit input which will simulate lower output pickups as you turn up the control. The added voice switch enables you to get the stock bright & nasty sound in the up position, and more bottom end & output in the down position.
– 170 +shipping

demo vid coming soon!


The Monsterpiece RiTE-ON! Fuzz can be powered either with a center negative barrel plug 9 volt dc adapter, or with a 9 volt battery.

The controls are volume, depth, voice toggle switch, and pre.

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