Sea Monster Dual Germanium Fuzz / Boost

The Monsterpiece Sea Monster is a dual pedal that combines a Ge Fuzz running into a Tone Booster Germanium Boost. What a glorious pedal it is! All Germanium fuzz with extreme control. Germanium boost with a tone control allowing YOU, the end user, to determine the boosted frequency.

You can run each side independently, or click them both on at the same time. Fun!

Available in “Sea Foam Green” only  
– 300 +shipping


The Monsterpiece Sea Monster is adapter power only. Standard center negative barrel plug 9 volt dc adapter that is not powering any other pedals (no daisy chain powering!).

The controls are volume, fuzz, input bias, and transistor bias for the Ge Fuzz side. The Tone Booster side has controls for boost and tone.

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