Ge Fuzz

The Monsterpiece Ge Fuzz is the pinnacle as far as Germanium fuzz face based pedals go. This is a 2 transistor Germanium fuzz in which I use various new old stock Germanium transistors such as GT308, AC125, and SFT352 that are hand selected for proper gain & leakage for best sound in each pedal. The circuit is based on the classic fuzz face circuit, but is by no means a straight up clone. Germanium fuzzes based on the fuzz face circuit are known for their exceptional dynamic response to both your picking & guitar volume knob. The Monsterpiece Ge is no exception – what separates the Monsterpiece Ge from others is the range of different sounds that can be coaxed from it that I believe others just cannot match.

- 185

The controls are all external – Volume, Fuzz, Input Bias, Transistor Bias. There is also a mini-toggle “Voice” control that switches between a fuzz tone that has more or less bottom end. The controls are all very interactive – so experimentation is key.

The Monsterpiece Ge can be powered by 9 volt battery, or by 9 to 9.6 volt dc adapter that has a center negative barrel plug. There is also a battery on/off mini-toggle switch standard. Because the circuit is positive ground, you cannot daisy chain power with an adapter.

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