Tone Booster Germanium Boost

The Monsterpiece Tone Booster Germanium Boost is just the ticket for when you need that little extra push to slobberknock the preamp tubes in your amp or to push your other dirt pedals beyond their limitations. It works just as well when placed after your other dirt pedals as a solo boost / tone shaping tool.

There are 2 versions of the Monsterpiece Tone Booster Germanium Boost – version one takes the classic “rangemaster” circuit, and replaces the fixed frequency cap with a tone control which makes for a much more versatile pedal. YOU, the user, get to determine the boosted frequency.

Version two keeps the fixed frequency cap, but you get 3 different boost voicings to switch between via a 3-way mini-toggle switch. The middle position on the toggle is standard “range master” voicing. The other 2 positions add more mids/bottom end to the signal. There is also an external bias control on the version two that allows you to fine tune the overall feel of the pedal.

– Tone control version is 150 +shipping
– Voice switch toggle version is 160 +shipping

The pedal in the demo is a Monsterpiece Sea Monster Dual Fuzz/Booster, but contains the same Tone Booster circuit


The Monsterpiece Tone Booster can be powered either with a  9 volt battery, or a standard center negative barrel plug 9 volt dc adapter that is not powering any other pedals (no daisy chain powering!). The current draw is extremely low, so the battery will last a very long time.

*** As of 10/14/2018 The battery on/off mini-toggle switch is no longer standard, but can still be requested as an option on new builds. Unplugging from the input jack disconnects the battery ***

The controls are simple – Boost & Tone.


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