Classic Fuzz

The Monsterpiece Classic Fuzz is what you want when simplicity, ease of use, and great tone is all you want or need. This is a 2 transistor Germanium fuzz in which I use various new old stock Germanium transistors such as GT308, AC125, SFT352, etc… that are hand selected for proper gain & leakage for best sound in each pedal.

The circuit is based on the classic fuzz face circuit, with the only changes being 1 resistor value to allow for greater volume output (you will not need to dime the volume control to obtain unity volume with the bypass signal), and an internal transistor bias trim pot that allows you to fine tune the overall fuzz voice to what you hear in your head.

Germanium fuzzes based on the fuzz face circuit are known for their exceptional dynamic response to both your picking & guitar volume knob. The Monsterpiece Classic is no exception.

– 165 +shipping

Listen with headphones!

Volume and Fuzz. There is also an internal trim pot for the transistor bias. There is no “incorrect” setting for this trim pot – only what does or does not sound good to YOU, the user.

The Monsterpiece Classic can be powered by 9 volt battery, or by 9 to 9.6 volt dc adapter that has a center negative barrel plug. Because the circuit is positive ground, you cannot daisy chain power with an adapter.

*** As of 10/14/2018 The battery on/off mini-toggle switch is no longer standard, but can still be requested as an option on new builds. Unplugging from the input jack disconnects the battery ***


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