Angry Dick 2000

Remember that guy named “Jordan” and his “Bossy” tone fuzz? The Monsterpiece Angry Dick 2000 v1 is my recreation of that fuzz, but with a twist. I have included a mini-toggle switch that toggles between the classic standard sound in the up position, and adds a nasty azz octave down overtone in the down position. This is one mean, nasty, and angry fuzz, folks!

Prefer a more standard version of this circuit? Well now there is also the Angry Dick 2000 v2 which toggles between the classic Tennessee and California made versions of the old classic via the mini toggle switch on top of the pedal.

And as if that was not enough…. how about a Two-Headed Monster version combining the TN & CA versions as separate discreet circuits into the same enclosure? Call it what you will – the “Double Dick”, “Twice as Mad”, “Extra Angry”, or whatever. With the Two-Headed version you can run either side independently, or kick both sides on at the same time for complete sonic meltdown ;0)

v1 single pedal version – 150 +shipping
v2 single pedal version – 160 +shipping
“Double Dick” – 250 +shipping

AD2000 version 1

AD2000 version 2

AD2000 v1 – Volume and Fuzz. Octave down mini-toggle switch.

AD2000 v2 – Volume and Fuzz. Mini-Togglw switch to switch between CA & TN versions of the circuit

AD2000 “Double Dick” – Think of this as 2 separate pedals in one 1590BB size enclosure. Each side has it’s own Volume & Fuzz control, as well as it’s own stomp switch.

The v1 & v2 Monsterpiece Angry Dick 2000 can be powered by 9 volt battery, or by 9 to 9.6 volt dc adapter that has a center negative barrel plug.

*** As of 10/14/2018 The battery on/off mini-toggle switch is no longer standard, but can still be requested as an option on new builds. Unplugging from the input jack disconnects the battery ***

The Two Headed AD2000 Double Dick version is adapter power only.

Please Contact Me For More Details & Ordering