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Angry Dick 2000 Fuzz

Remember those classic gnarly, rude, biting, and Bossy fuzz tones from some dude named Jordan? Well you can get all of those classic tones here with an added surprise…
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Classic Fuzz

he Monsterpiece Classic Fuzz is what you want when simplicity, ease of use, and great tone is all you want or need… More Info

DZT & Bzzz! Fuzz

Monsterpiece DZT & Bzzz! Fuzz pedals are my take on a couple of rare 1960s classics that are sure to put a smile on your face… More Info

Ge Fuzz

This is a 2 transistor fuzz pedal that comes loaded with old stock European and/or Soviet (Russian) military Germanium transistors that are selected for the proper gain characteristics… More Info

Italian Stallion V82-18 Fuzz

he Monsterpiece Italian Stallion V82-18 Fuzz is just the ticket you need to capture those 60’s Brit Invasion tones … More Info

Mk I Fuzz

The classic tonebender mki circuit is one that I long avoided tackling, but I have no idea why. This circuit rocks. It is primordial fuzz at it’s most glorious… More Info

Mk 1.5 Fuzz

The Monsterpiece MK1.5 Fuzz is my take on the classic solar sounding TB MK1.5 circuit. This is a 2 transistor Germanium fuzz in which I use various new old stock Germanium transistors that are hand selected for proper gain & leakage for best sound in each pedal… More Info

Mk II pro Fuzz

The Monsterpiece MKII pro Fuzz is what happens when I take on the classic 2 knob sola tonebender MKII… More Info

MkIII Fuzz

Get your zippy-zep on with this smooth, yet trashy (in all the right ways!) vintage 3 knob Germanium Monster… More Info

NPN Fuzz

The original Monsterpiece Fuzz. The version that I am making now is an evolution of the original. This is a 2 transistor silicon fuzz pedal that will come loaded with either BC183, BC108 or BC109 transistors… More Info

PNP Fuzz & PNP dlx Fuzz

The fuzz pedals for those who can’t decide whether they want a silicon or a Germanium transistor fuzz. These are hybrid 2 transistor circuits that comes loaded with a silicon transistor in the 1st gain stage, and a Germanium transistor in the 2nd gain stage. This gives you the best of both worlds… More Info

Scratchy Snatch Fuzz

The Ultimate Fuzz Pedal! You will not find a more versatile, better sounding fuzz ANYWHERE. This is a 2 transistor silicon fuzz pedal that will come loaded with either BC183, BC108 or BC109 transistors… More Info

Stud Overdrive

you know what it is, just contact me if interested for some of the best clean boost and overdrive tones around ;0) …
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Tone Booster Germanium Boost

Classic 1960’s era Germanium booster of tone circuit with a new & interesting twist… More Info