Scratchy Snatch Fuzz

The Monsterpiece Scratchy Snatch (SS) Fuzz is what you get when you take the Monsterpiece NPN circuit, and add a muff style tone control.  The addition of the tone control to this circuit allows you to get a plethora of fuzz tones ranging from fuzz face, to tonebender style, and even muff like sounds.  To top it all off, the tone control is switchable!  That is correct… you can bypass the tone circuit to get straight up Monsterpiece NPN sounds.

This is a 2 transistor silicon fuzz utilizing either BC108 or BC109 transistors (I have both, and use what sounds best in each individual pedal).  The circuit is based on the classic fuzz face circuit, but is by no means a straight up clone. This is by far one of the most musical, dynamic, and responsive silicon fuzzes you will ever hear.  A world of fuzz tones lurk within.

I now have NOS BC183 transistors available in addition to the BC108/BC109 transistors! These are a little warmer with little more punch and little less top end bite/sizzle than the BC108/BC109 transistors.

NOTE – the 4 knob Scratchy in the first demo vid is an older versions with the transistor bias as an internal trimpot. The current version is exactly the same, except the transistor bias is an external control.

– 190 +shipping

Listen with headphones!


Volume, Fuzz, Input Bias, Transistor Bias, and Tone. All controls are external. There is also a toggle switch on top that bypasses the tone control.  The controls are all very interactive – so experimentation is key.

The Monsterpiece Scratchy Snatch can be powered by 9 volt battery, or by 9 to 9.6 volt dc adapter that has a center negative barrel plug.


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