DZT & Bzzz! Fuzz

The Monsterpiece DZT Fuzz and Monsterpiece Bzzz! Fuzz pedals are my take on the extremely rare 1960s classics – dizzy tone & buzzaround fuzzes! The originals had controls for Balance, Attack/Timbre, and Sustain. With my takes on these classic circuits, you also get a volume control which comes in handy on certain settings… what a concept ;0)

These all Germanium transistor fuzz circuits are for true fuzz lovers. Subtle does not exist here. They are fuzzy beasts with highly interactive controls. These circuits are closely related with only component value differences which result in the different voices separating them. The DZT is a bit thicker and slightly more intense / in your face than the barely more “civilized” Bzzz! Both are worthy of a place in any fuzz lover’s collection.

– 200 +shipping

I will do my best to not take forever to get a demo up, and when I do… Listen with headphones!

Sustain – controls fuzz intensity.
Balance – Is it a volume control? Is it a tone control? It’s not sure what it is.
Attack (DZT) / Timbre (Bzzz!) – Sort of a combo of a tone and intensity control.

The original vintage units did not have a true volume control. The other controls interactively all controlled the volume, so on the Monsterpiece versions the volume set at max would be the default “vintage” setting.

The Monsterpiece DZT and Bzzz! pedals can be powered by 9 volt battery, or with a standard center negative barrel plug 9 volt dc adapter. *** DO NOT POWER WITH A DAISY CHAIN ***


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