Tweakers Delight

All of the transistors are socketed in my creations leaving you free to experiment. You can also contact me for customizations such as enclosure ... Read more

Giant Tone Pallet

There are no one trick wonders here.  The relationship between the controls allows for a tonal pallet as wide as your imagination. Read more

Engineered Perfection

All of my pedals have been engineered from the ground up for maximum tone. I have spent years refining the circuitry for optimal fuzziness. Read more

Do yourself a favor, and get the BEST fuzz that there ever was... Monsterpiece

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      World Class Fuzz & Overdrive     Line Up ...
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    Contact information Due to the hand-crafted nature of my products I like to have a direct relationship with all of my customers.  It helps me to better serve your needs.  To discuss or order a pedal, please contact me directly. Email: Location: ...
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  • New Website

    Posted October 28th, 2010 by admin with Comments Off on New Website

    Monsterpiece Fuzz is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new website.  This new site will allow us to connect to our fans, display the latest in our Fuzz pedal offerings, and give you full access to everything Monsterpiece related. You can see our full line up of monstrous fuzz pedals here.  To place your order, ask questions, or make special request- visit our contact page.


  • Just a quick bump on how awesome Richard’s work is, since i’ve revisited my NPN pedal recently. I’ve started playing electric again after some time playin acoustic and rediscovered my love for this pedal! I’ve realized that fuzz in general is one of the few things that can rival acoustic guitars in feel and playing loudly or gently, and the NPN is one of the most versatile on top of that.

    Dynamic Feeling

  • I’ve been rediscovering my NPN lately. It’s the perfect Fuzz. That’s all there is to say. There is no flavor of dirt that does not exist in this pedal.

    Versatile Fuzz

  • “Wow, those are probably the most musical fuzzes I’ve ever heard. No war, no disaster, no bleeding babies, just nice sweet MUSICAL fuzz. Delicious.”

    Musical Fuzz